Present Flowers For Hot Girls and Take Them Back. Funny Prank Video

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Present Flowers For Hot Girls and Take Them Back. Funny Prank Video
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Present Flowers For Hot Girls and Take Them Back. Funny Prank Video
The idea of this prank video is to choose sexy girls to present them flowers,
after tie the laces and take them back like this flower for other hot girl, 
pretending that it’s not for them,
we got some really funny reactions, from this prank on strangers,
The hot girls was in shock, cause nobody did somethinglike this before,
it’s why this prank funny prank video is so funny and the idea for prank on strangers so new,
that we can be sure that you will like the prank video.

In this prank we got TikTok star @enola.bedard with 10.3m followers on TikTok and 1m followers on her instagram @enola.bedard,
she shoot some viral TikTok videos in a moment when Viktor Drago decided to approach her with flower and shoot prank on the TikTok star,
her reaction was so funny and fun, which made the prank video even more funny.
Enjoy our prank video on the TikTok star @enola.bedard
The prank on venice beach give us possibility shoot prank on stars,
with a lot of social media stars.

Thank you Guys for being very interesting about the video,
We all ready got so many positive feedback about this public prank before, 
So who is excited for the new prank video ?
Maybe, it’s a new idea for use for pick up lines or prank pickup video ?
What do you think ? 
Tell us in the comments below your opinion,
And don’t hesitate to check our latest try not to laugh prank videos, 
We have more than 300+ fun and amazing pranks,
For sure you will find something for you or for you family in family friendly content.
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text in the comment below your favorite viral prank video,
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Our team worked hard to bring the most amazing prank video,
funny videos, and funny moments in the video,
and shoot it with strangers. 
We are so exerting about our pranks,
funny content and hilarious video.

I want to say that this Video was made only for Artistic and Comedic purposes.
Same as all my videos, just to have fun and make you smile, 
Your smile means that I did a great job and found a way to reach your heart.
If you smile, share the prank video with your friends or family to make them smile too.

As always we have fun shoot this funny prank video, 
with epic reactions from strangers people, 
some of them react super hilarious, some of them not so hilarious, 
but in any case we bring our idea of fun and positive family friendly content for the world, 
to your eyes and hope that this hilarious video will find you well with full positive reactions and funny emotions,
what you can feel while watching the funny content and epic videos on strangers,
it’s one of our passion to bring it to all of you guys, 
and we sure we gonna love our funny videos, our pranks, 
they only make you better,
cause the prank video made you feel little bit out of your comfort zone,
and with this funny prank reactions,
you can be still after watch the funny video,
so the funny content on our channel only for hilarious purpose, and fun life.

If you check this videos and want more funny content,
than definitely bring your attention to the different 
epic fun videos on our channel Viktor Drago, 
Viktor Drago has so much passion about what he does,
it’s why our content is always epic, fun and positive. 
We bring this attitude to you Guys in our pranks on strangers.

So right now my pranks videos watching more than 300 countries and millions of viewers found something interesting for them in my pranks viral videos.

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