*NEW* Buffed Lux Is Insane, She’s Tier S+ Now ? – Best Of Lux Montage

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➥ Buffed Lux Is Insane, She’s Tier S+ Now ? – Best Of Lux Montage

➥ Hello Lux Lovers in Next Best of Episode with Lux Best Plays ! We Hope You Enjoy Our Editing.
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🎵 Music provided by Monstercat:

Feint & R7CKY (feat. Skyelle) – Lost & Found
Feint feat. Elizaveta – Drifters
Flexible Fire & Etza – Cyan

🔊 Narration: MKot


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➥ Type of Videos that We Create:

– Best of Montages from Your Clips
– OTP Players That are Gods with One Champion.

🔊 Videos Are Narrated By Sugarina or MKot With Educational Or Informating Way.

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🎬 All playlist’s:

– Top Lane Montages: https://bit.ly/3cD88li
– Jungle Montages: https://bit.ly/3eORAtc
– Mid Lane Montages: https://bit.ly/3eHKqqY
– AD Carry Montages: https://bit.ly/30NAy6S
– Support Montages: https://bit.ly/3qRDSbz
– LoL Gods / One Tricks: https://bit.ly/3ljEe9D


🔴 About Best of Videos:

➥ We select the best moments and enhance them with additional effects.
Commentary allows us to add value by making observation that gives you a better understanding of what’s going on in clip or give you more smile. We hope to feature your plays moment too in the near future.

➥ Our videos are accepted as secondary works and comply with the terms of use: https://www.riotgames.com/en/legal

❤️️ Thanks for watching =)

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